It happens to all of us: you unsubscribe from an unwanted marketing email, and a few days later another message from the same company pops up in your inbox. Comedian James Veitch turned this frustration into whimsy when a local supermarket refused to take no for an answer. Hijinks ensued.

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49 thoughts on “The agony of trying to unsubscribe | James Veitch

  1. This is ONLY funny if it were true. Which it is 100% NOT true..

    He would not receive any emails!

    All these gullible people who believe this are the ones I feel bad for.

  2. Agony? I unsubscribe all the time. I even unsubscribed from this channel, but it keeps popping up on my feed feeding me crap I don’t want.

  3. Very funny and I'm all for whimsy…..and yes he should do stand up comedy if he has time for it in between driving spammers nuts!

  4. Can you pls stop the server … you're clogging up the internet …. my ping at games is about 30 FPS …. pls respond πŸ˜‰

  5. Too much fucking advertising – it got so bad, I couldn't even see the talker anymore and most of the slides he put up were obscured – end of my interest in TED talks – just an advertising wank-a-thon.

  6. What is REALLY funny about this is the comments section and how many people think these conversations actually happened. This is a bit you idiots–Veitch probably does not even have an email account.

  7. Creative writer, ….this email exchange never really happened. He has several of these, all similar. It's creative writing for a "What if .." scenario.

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