This is not a drill people!! Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are all experiencing major difficulties. I started experiencing them earlier in the day and started panicking that my account was hacked. Rest assured, if you are experiencing issues you are not alone. Once more information on the issues becomes available I will drop another video so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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35 thoughts on “INSTAGRAM IS DOWN 2019 (Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp all down)

  1. I was like mkay now i cant talk to my fam in other countries no more🤷🏽‍♀️ lets go back to the old ways then, great time to writte or something

  2. I'm also a living testimony to the good work of masterhack43 on Instagram he will help you out with it with social media account {Instagram, Snapchat WhatsApp, Facebook, gmail, yahoo and spying on someone's} , this team was able to track down my wife's exact location with just her phone number now I don't need to ask her where are u in order to know her location. I'm shouting him out because he help my sister and provide remarkable service 100% legit don't hesitate to contact him now and you can contact him on WhatsApp +15392338369

  3. Learn how to stop using social media and see what’s happening in the world stay off the phone it’s bad for you

  4. My Instagram started like glitching and I couldn’t click on anything and everything was so close together and it just happened rn!! I’m so mad because I wanted to make an edit and find a sound and I can’t freaking do it now!!!

  5. Dear Facebook                                                                                                                                               Because you are allowing Liberals to spew hatred against Christians,  you think that is alright.  I get blocked for 30 days, and you are not blocking Liberals who talk like crap to others, and say what they want.                      But when I post the truth, you spew your own hate speech on me, and discriminate against my free speech, to block and ban.  NOW, you and your voter suppression friends want to keep Trump off the ballat.
    You and Your friends are continually making fun of Conspiracy theorists, yet you are renewing their belief every day, you are one of those Conspiracies, against freedoms of American, and the Constitution.
    You people are making life hard for AMERICANS.                                                                                                                                                                      Unbelievable. In all my years on this earth, I’ve never seen such stupidity, hatred, and downright malicious behavior coming from a political party. The DemonRATS!!! Or should I say the Progressives…who remind me more and more of Marxists!!!
    Facebook, you make me sick, and I will spread the good news of this new Conservative Social media everywhere, where friends and family can share and post to their heart's content.  You can post whatever you want on Codias.  It does not approve of some language, but you can post.

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