2012: The year in viral videos

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Some of the most popular videos of the year, including Olympic madness; Nick Clegg’s musical apology; Prince Charles’s weatherman audition; and Felix Baumgartner’s jump into history. Elsewhere Boris Johnson gets caught on a zipwire; Sacha Baron-Cohen spills Kim Jong-il; Jeremy Hunt loses the end of his bell; Joey Barton auditions for ‘Allo ‘Allo; and everyone else channels Gangnam Style.


16 thoughts on “2012: The year in viral videos

  1. Is 247 views considered viral?

    Who is JERRY RIO?
    From the shadows exposing to the world America’s pop culture roots!
    Sociological observations, interviews – documenting & commenting on the NYC urban landscape and its inhabitants is his mission.
    Is he funny? Many say “get a life” others find him mildly endearing, and actually quite entertaining – BETTER THAN MOST YOUTUBE CRAP – What do you think? DO YOU GET HIM?

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